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Southeastern Louisiana University's College of Business

For more than 20 years, Southeastern’s Latin American Business and Development Initiative (LABDI), a not-for-profit partnership with the Latin American community, has offered programs designed to strengthen and invigorate entrepreneurial, managerial, and leadership capabilities, as well as foster international relations and an appreciation of cultural diversity. Through a set of multifaceted training and educational programs, the LABDI has positioned itself at the forefront of various institutional endeavors in Latin America and the Caribbean. A major objective of the Latin American Business and Development Initiative is to promote and support the professional development of Latin Americans, not only creating in them a civic and social conscience but strengthening their professional skills and educational opportunities, thus modernizing their business practices. It is expected that participants in our efforts will contribute to society in a better and more productive manner while advancing community wellness.

Pursuing its mission of advancing the well-being of Latin Americans, the Latin American Business and Development Initiative is proud to present the Southeastern Latin America Virtual Training Program by creating venues for leadership and active engagement in technological and global development that opens a path to a better future.

We are ready for a better tomorrow. Are you?